i had been wanting to print white on kraft for a while now and i used taylor’s baby shower as the perfect excuse to do so! i hand lettered “taylor + parker” and had the invitations screen printed by a local printer. i also created a simple envelope liner to add some pizazz and used tiny glassine bags to house the registry card. the more paper, the better! sorry trees. we packaged everything up with “snow” for an added effect (which i realize now might have looked semi questionable to our friends over at usps, whoops!). since there’s nothing i love more than cohesive design elements, i also had a stamp made using the hand lettered names to use on the treat bags. taylor also recycled the stamp post-shower and used an exacto knife to shave off the “cheers to” and “thanks for coming” to use as her signature on her thank you cards! it’s always neat when paper goods turn out how you envision and these were so much fun to create for such a special celebration!


Ellay Films

you guys!! i’m so incredibly excited to announce the OFFICIAL launch of my sister’s and my new film company, ELLAY FILMS! we have been working so hard on making our company come to life over the past year and could not be more thrilled that this day is finally here. film has been a part of our lives since our dad taught us how to work a camcorder when we were little so it’s a dream come true to be business partners pursuing our shared passion! i also had a blast doing our branding and designing our site and all of our marketing collateral (more on that coming soon!). check out our new site HERE, like our facebook page HERE, and follow us on instagram HERE!

*and a huge, huge thank you to my talented brother-in-law who developed our site!


HawaiiCal4 HawaiiCal5 HawaiiCal2so i know i’m a little late to the calendar party, but this 2014 hawaii calendar just went up in my shop! i was designing some calendars for gifts this year using photos from the past several years of living in hawaii and i figured why not try and sell some!? it’s an 8″ x 10″ loose leaf calendar (a bulldog clip is included in your purchase!) that you can hang on your wall, pin to your bulletin board, or even frame each month. if you’re interested, head on over to my shop and buy one here!

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas and i wish everyone the happiest of new years!




…sooo my logo got a makeover! i think most other designers would agree that designing something for yourself is so much harder than it is for your clients.  i’ve been toying around with tweaking it to something more hand drawn since march and it’s taken me since then to come up with something that i really feel fits me and my brand. a million sketches later experimenting with different pens and paints and lots of wasted paper [sorry trees], here it is!


miminicole3 miminicole1miminicole2miminicole4

another recent project i’ve been meaning to share for awhile is the website of the uber talented mimi nicole events!  i shared the mood board here and we launched her site back at the end of may.  jillian is an event designer and has a super impressive portfolio filled with really amazing weddings and florals.  she has got an eye for all things beautiful, that is for sure!  her style is elegant, classic, feminine, and whimsical.  i had the pleasure of working again with scott of wundermade on the coding her site (i worked with him on my site as well) and he’s just really great and made the design come to life.  erin of berinmade designed her gorgeous logo and it wonderfully represents the aesthetic of mimi nicole events.  go check out jillian’s site here and take a look at all of her incredible work!