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it’s been so long since i’ve done a fitness post! time to bring them back. for the past several years, my favorite fitness app by far is nike training club. not only is the design impeccable and so pretty on the eyes, but it’s so well thought out and so customizable! when there’s no turbo kick, zumba, or spin class that fits into my schedule, i’ll go to the gym and use the [empty] group exercise room to get my NTC on. i love that you can pick your workout based on your goal, fitness level, and the amount of time you have. they also have step by step instructions via photos (and video!) so you can see exactly how to do each exercise with proper form. oh it’s just so good. (it doesn’t hurt that the models all have rockin’ bods so you work that much harder.)

i feel like nike has totally stepped up their design game in the past 5 or so years and i am a big fan. from their instagram feed to this app to their clothes and shoes, they all inspire me to get my sweat on.



Nike Training Club App | JayAdores


and now for some of my favorite nike threads as of late…



roshe run “palm trees”gym vintage crewneck shirt |  signal t-shirt | futura leg-a-see leggingsj.crew x nike air pegasus ’83 sneakers


WORK IT OUT | turbo kickboxing + body pump.

TKBBODYPUMPturbo kick boxing is probably my #1 favorite work out.  i mean, i love zumba, but TKB makes me feel like i’m getting SUPER fit.  lots of upbeat music, cross-jab-hook-uppercut sequences, kicking, and jumping equate to me working up a major sweat in every class i take!  i’ve been doing it since high school (so almost 11 years! gah i feel old!) and i still really enjoy it.  i actually was certified to teach in college, but then never had time to actually teach so it expired…boo hoo.  if you take the class for your first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there is a lot of choreography — but after a few times, it’s easy to pick up!

body pump is a class i recently started going to because i wanted to do some strength training and i am way too lazy to push myself on my own (and i’m intimidated by all of the meatheads in the weight section at the gym).  this class burns, but in the best way possible.  ya know, the good kind of hurt after you’ve been lifting barbells, free weights, using bands, and doing lots of push ups.

for both of these classes, i wear something similar to the outfit above.  i don’t like loose tops or pants for these classes cause it’s easier to move in more fitted gear.  i highly recommend those nike capris – i have a similar pair that janelle gave me my junior year of college for my birthday.  even after wearing them about 2x per week (and obvs washing them after every wear) since 2008, they are STILL going strong.

headband/tank top/capris/shoes

WORK IT OUT | zumba.


i’m going to start talking fitness here on the blog every now and again.  working out is something i love to do and makes me feel so good!

i’ve always been a huge fan of classes at the gym.  it’s funny because i’m kind of an extremist when it comes to working out – i either like to run solo or be surrounded by lots of people!  zumba has been one of my favorite classes for a few years and now that i make my own schedule, i can make it to a lot more classes during the weekdays.  if you like to dance, i suggest you check out a class near you because they are SO MUCH FUN!  especially if the teacher has a more hip-hop style…then it’s the best!  if you are a new zumba-er, i think this get-up would make for a good work out.

1 // be prepared to get sweaty and have your hair pulled back with some funky hair swag (like one of these glitter headbands).
2 // i definitely recommend a fitted tank because it’s easy to move in them and they are super comfy!  no cotton t-shirts/tanks – always go for the sweat wicking material!
3 // loose pants!  you want to be able to shake what yo’ mama gave ya and it’s a lot more fun in pants like these.
4 // a good pair of cross-trainers will do ya just fine.  bright ones will give you more flair.

my number one tip would  be to GET INTO IT (esp if they play THIS song) and HAVE FUN!! let loose and go crazy to the reggaeton beats and it’s a guaranteed good time.  i promise!