IMG_2687 IMG_2521 IMG_2661WALLSBROOKECASS_IMG_2550IMG_2619BWIMG_2664 IMG_2721WALLSBROOKECASS_IMG_2705*so i still have SO many photos of friends’ apartments/houses/spaces that i have yet to share on here! i kind of forgot about them until i recently was going through one of my hard drives and found so many gems! i’m pretty sure most spaces have since been rearranged, new furniture has been introduced, & some people don’t even live there anymore…but who cares, right?

today i’m sharing these photos that were taken over a year ago during one of our visits back to hawaii. our friends brooke & cassandra live on the north shore of oahu in the coolest little bungalow that feels like it’s in the middle of the jungle. i mean, just look what brooke gets to wake up to every morning! total dreamland. both of these gals are extremely talented + successful in their creative fields, brooke as a photographer, and cass a clothing designer/seamstress. they are also the founders of the popular lifestyle brand roam hawaii. their cozy home reflects their laid back lifestyle and i love how it feels so secluded from the rest of the world!

check them out here (fyi their feeds will probably make you want to go jump on a plane to hawaii and spend the day at the beach):



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IMG_4420IMG_4442IMG_4458IMG_4445IMG_4518IMG_4523IMG_4596IMG_4548IMG_4552IMG_4625IMG_4637IMG_4641IMG_4682IMG_4695IMG_4783IMG_4956IMG_4897IMG_4527IMG_4838IMG_4879IMG_5065IMG_4510i’m so excited to share with you kyle + janelle’s beautiful los angeles apartment! i’ve spent many nights hanging out in their abode and it’s such an inviting space! i took these photos several months ago when janelle (aka hostess of the mostest) had us over for a delicious brunch…one that included homemade biscuits(!!). it’s pretty obvious when you take a peek inside their home that her well curated personal style is reflected in her home decor. that girl has impeccable taste in every area of her life…just take a look at her blog. their place features lots of plants and wooden accents, neutral colors, ceramics galore, so many good chairs, beautiful rugs, and a whole lot of styled goodness. kyle even made their kitchen shelves, pipe bookshelf, and coffee table! talented duo, those two. they’ve successfully created a cozy (not to mention pin-worthy) space that isn’t too masculine or feminine and feels very “kyle + janelle”. hope you enjoy!

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today i’m excited to share with you the home of two of our friends on the north shore of oahu, kyle + alana! we saw them during our visit a few months ago and they let me snap some photos of their place. both of them were born and raised in hawaii and are extremely talented at what they do. she co-owns the rad jewelry company thread and stone and he is a graphic + clothing designer. their home is so well curated and i love how it reflects their personal aesthetic. so many beautiful vignettes everywhere you look! the white paneled walls, wood floors, all of the plants, and their chic tropical accents make it the perfect little island abode. i’m kind of in love with what they’ve done with the place. thanks kyle and alana!


IMG_4115 IMG_4129IMG_4162IMG_4137IMG_4166IMG_4478IMG_4331IMG_4430IMG_4372IMG_4386IMG_4435IMG_4447IMG_4463IMG_4525IMG_4568IMG_4630IMG_4648IMG_4654IMG_4724when we were visiting new york this past may, i had the pleasure of taking photos of my friend alex and her boyfriend grant’s nyc apartment! they live in the east village and have a beautiful space! it’s not really a surprise considering alex is a graphic designer for madewell, has an awesome blog, and her instagram feed is perfection. i’m so excited to see their place on design*sponge today! head on over there to read more!


Eva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdoresEva Black's Pasadena Home | JayAdores

a few weeks ago i had a coffee + shopping date with my friend eva in pasadena. if you don’t already follow her blog, you should. girl is crazy talented – i mean, just look at her hand drawn lettering! we met up at her house and after seeing her beautiful apartment for the first time, i just had to bust out my camera (which btw, i keep in my purse at all times) and take photos to share on here. it’s such an amazing space! eva has impeccable style and the neutral tones make it so warm and inviting. the old windows are perfection and the light that floods their entire place is gorgeous. eva and her husband are currently expecting their first babe and are in the midst of converting her office to an office/nursery and i can’t wait to see it all done! especially with this as her mood board, it’s undoubtedly going to be one stylish space.

thanks so much eva for letting me take pics of your place! it’s a beaut.

p.s. if you live in the LA area, eva is hosting an event at madewell in pasadena tonight and you should come! read more about it here.

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Redondo Beach Home | JayAdoresRedondo Beach Home | JayAdoresRedondo Beach Home | JayAdoresRedondo Beach Home | JayAdoresRedondo Beach Home | JayAdoresRedondo Beach Home | JayAdores

we’ve been in our little house for almost 5 months now so i thought i’d share a few photos of our [still in progress] home. it’s quirky and perfect for us and the neighborhood is just the cutest. i love that while i’m working i see joggers, dog walkers, and moms pushing their babies in strollers from my office window. have i mentioned how awesome it is having an office?! we are looking for some artwork for the walls and are currently building a credenza and a bookshelf with my dad. once those things are finished, it should feel pretty settled around here!