MIRADOR1MIRADOR11MIRADOR2MIRADOR5MIRADOR4 MIRADOR6MIRADOR8MIRADOR12 MIRADOR9 MIRADOR10i’m probably late to the party, but have you guys seen/heard of the blog mirador? i’m obsessed! it’s an extremely well curated design inspiration blog featuring several different studios/artists and the most beautiful projects i’ve ever laid my eyes on. it’s the image hunting work of say what studio (a design duo based in paris) and i’m so glad i stumbled across them because they are my new faves. check it out!

all photos via mirador

red eye essentials.


i’ve flown quite a bit in the past year…i think since last may, i’ve been to california on average once a month!  i mostly flew the red eye because when i was still working at my corporate job, i had to catch the friday night flight out to LA and make it back to hawaii by sunday night for work on monday.  (yet another reason why working for myself is AWESOME).  these were my essential pieces for those late-night-to-morning flights but definitely work for any-time-of-day-flying as well.

1) a large bag / i love using a big bag for a carryon because i stuff it with my laptop, camera, wallet, a book, some snacks, and other random in-flight necessities.  i’m really loving this one from cuyana.

2) a long + cozy sweater / without fail, i get super cold on the red eye.  i find blanket-like sweaters get the job done in keeping me warm through the night. (i saved this pic so long ago and have no idea where i saved it from!  i’m wishing i knew because that sweater is so cute!)

3) boots / i always wear my heaviest and largest shoes on the plane so they don’t take up precious room inside my suitcase.  (they also keep my toes warm on freezing flights!)  i currently have a huge crush on these ones from madewell and am saving my pennies for them because i love them so much!

4) leggings / the comfier the pants, the better.

february in review.

FebruaryinReview1 // we walked to a diner near our house and shared a milkshake late one friday night.  for some reason this has been on my bucket list and i’m glad we did it because i love me a thick diner milkshake.

2+3 // some of my family was in town and we climbed the koko head steps.  it’s a quick way to get your heart rate up and the views at the top are worth the crazy leg-burning.

4 // i was going through my desk (in which i have about 13 half-filled notebooks) and discovered my very first sketch of my wedding dress that i drew at the end of this weekend!!  so thankful for my mama who made it!

5 // we spent a lot of weekends on the beach.  i’m trying so hard to get my tan back!

6 // reis surprised me on valentine’s day with take out from whole foods and a sunset picnic by the beach.  love him so much.

7 // we went to our friend tara’s rad pop-up shop at specialme in waikiki and had a really fun night with friends.

8 // many hours were spent waiting in line at the tax office & the department of commerce and consumer affairs, but jayadores design co. OFFICIALLY became a registered business in the state of hawaii!

march is going to be a BIG month for us and i’m so excited for everything to come in the next few weeks.  will be sharing lots more soon!

branding our wedding (and i’m getting married THIS weekend!)

wedding weekend is finally here!!!  oh my goodness.  after 8 1/2 months of planning, i cannot believe this weekend has come!  time flies when you are planning a wedding, i tell ya.  we flew into california last weekend and [with lots of help] have spent this past week crafting, gluing, tape-gunning, eyeleting, cutting, arranging, creating mock-ups, and doing last minute designing.  it’s been a blast and i am excited and ready to see everything come together (and to finally get some sleep…well, after the honeymoon anyways).  my family arrived in santa barbara last night and the rehearsal dinner is in a few hours!  weee!

my approach to planning was this: BRANDING OUR WEDDING.  i love designing (hence, my new career path), so designing every. single. little. detail. for our big day was a dream come true.  there are so many little details and i cannot wait to share all of them here on the blog!  i have a whole slew of wedding posts in the queue when we get back so check back in a few weeks.  my vision for the design aspect of our wedding was small, local coffeeshop branding meets wedding.  does that even make sense?  probably not.  trust me, though, everything turned out exactly how i envisioned and looks really cool (to me, at least)!

we will probably be instagrammin’ lots this weekend, so you can follow the hashtag #jaymeeandreis for wedding weekend pics!  (or follow me @jayadores)!

a big announcement.

i have some big news!  i quit my full-time job as a tax accountant and am going to pursue my passion of freelance graphic design.  wednesday was my last day [hopefully ever] in corporate america and i could not be more excited to start this next chapter in my life doing what i love.  i have always loved design, but in the past two years my passion for it has grown exponentially.  i tried doing it on the side for a little bit, but with public accounting, there really is no such thing as a side job.  it’s impossible.  i can’t wait to dive full force into this whole freelance thing once we get back from our honeymoon!  i know it will be tough and extremely challenging (um, hello no steady income) — but in the best way possible and worth every bit of hard work.  i have so many things i want to create and so many projects i want to pursue and i am thrilled to be able to do that now!

we leave saturday for california (our wedding is in 10 days!) and i am feeling incredibly blessed and joyful right now in this exciting time with so much to look forward to.

lots more to come soon (and so many things i can’t wait to share!).  this whole freelance thing means more blogging too.  hooray!

*i gave my blog a temporary facelift (much cleaner and simpler!) until the grand launch of my new site sometime in january!  super excited about that too.

saturday morning.

reis and i had a coffee date on saturday morning to a relatively new coffee shop called R+D in kakaako.  we haven’t seen much of each other lately because we have both been working crazy hours, so it was nice to have a morning with him all to myself!  plus, discovering new coffee shops is one of our favorite things to do.  they have stumptown coffee so it was an automatic win in my book and it has a pretty cool atmosphere too.  we will be back soon.  i hope everyone had a great weekend!