today i’m talking about money! when i first left the accounting world and started freelancing, it was a bit of an adjustment not having a steady paycheck conveniently deposited into my bank account every 2 weeks. it was so easy to know how much i was making from a certain project and to spend it before the client even paid me, not even thinking about taxes or savings. probs not the best idea. and because some months are better than others financially, it was hard not to justify a splurge-happy shopping trip in the months where i was making more than usual. so about a year ago i started treating myself like an employee of my own company and paying myself “paychecks” twice a month on the same days reis gets paid. it’s been working out quite nicely! i deposit all client checks to my business account, transfer about 20-30% to my business savings account for taxes and savings, then i pay myself the same amount twice a month. this has really helped me manage our finances (and save!!) because regardless of what i’m actually bringing in that month, i still get paid the same amount each month. any other freelancers out there have money management methods? i’m so interested!


STYLISH SWEATS | JayAdoreswhoever decided that sweatpants are now considered a stylish piece of clothing (and perfectly acceptable to be worn out in public), i want to be your bff. since i started working from home, i live in sweats 24/7. i know many people feel more productive if they get dressed, but for me, wearing pajamas is the biggest perk of working from home! lately my daily getup has consisted of an atrocious pair of old college sweats (super baggy and suuperrr flattering) so i have decided i should start “investing” in my work uniform. i still want to be wearing sweats of some variety (hello, comfort!), but these options just feel fancier and a whole lot more fashionable. i’m not sure i can justify the price tag of a few of these, but i can dream!

isabel marant for h&m | steven alan | j. crew (bummed these are sold out!) | zara



this is a little snippet of life lately.  lots of coffee.  and lots of catching up on sleep in our big ol’ comfy bed.  my body is currently on the wonkiest of schedules.  when reis was on night call a few weeks ago, i aligned my work schedule with his and pulled lots of all nighters.   now i’m trying to get on an early morning schedule and off of my nocturnal regimen.  i’ve seen the four AM hour a few times too many and it often results in sluggish mornings and a daily nap time.  naps are great, but they definitely make me feel unproductive and quite lazy in the middle of the day (they are so necessary for my functionality, though!).  the past few days have been on the up and up and i’ve been starting my work day at 7!  so hoooooray!  i’m hoping i can keep this up and the night owl in me will call it quits around the midnight hour.  oh freelance life, how i love you so.

thoughts on freelance | staying organized.

freelancethoughtsorgi picked up these folders from anthropologie (i think they are sold out at anthro but i found them here) and have since put them to good use in helping me stay organized.  my goal is to maintain a folder for all current clients to house invoices, samples, receipts, etc. related to each project.  i also have folders for legal and tax documents in an effort to keep everything in one easy-to-find place.   i am trying my best to implement this from the start so important papers won’t end up scattered around my house/purse/desk…or in the trash.  i guess previously being on the other side of things as an accountant has given me motivation to keep things neat for the sole purpose of a seamless tax return preparation.  messy clients were no fun and a giant headache.  and since i’ll be doing my own taxes, i really don’t want that headache…so hopefully that serves as an incentive to keep this system up!  happy weekending!

freelance thoughts | i’m a night owl.

freelancenightowlso i’m a total night owl.  always have been.  i get it from my mom.  i can call her at midnight hawaii time and there is a 99% chance she will still be up in california time.  i am the most productive between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am.  i can’t help it!  but there is also nothing i love more than being a morning person.  a 6:30 am run or workout class is my absolute favorite way to start the day off…but when i go to bed at 3 am, it’s highly likely that i’m going to be hittin’ that snooze button when my alarms goes off at 5:45.  i get on little spurts…a few days being a morning person and then a few weeks being a night owl.  i want to consistently be on a morning schedule, but i just can’t turn down those late night hours of creativity!  any other freelancers out there that have this same issue?  what do you do?  how can i be more productive during the daytime?  help help!