this past weekend we spent up in santa cruz for our dear friends’ wedding! it was one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever witnessed…a 2 day glamping wedding nestled in the redwoods with every little detail so well thought out and perfectly curated. pics (+ film) to come soon! we also got to spend a lot of quality time with my brother and sis-in-law and little niece parker who live in SC. we had such a relaxing and GOOD weekend…full of family + friends + good conversation. we went on long strolls around their cute, beachy neighborhood, did some shopping downtown, and went to verve at least 2x a day :) it’s definitely starting to feel like fall in northern california and it got me so excited for cooler temps to hit here down south! we left early yesterday morning and stopped in santa barbara for a tasty lunch at d’angelo’s bread, the cutest little bakery/restaurant where we snapped these photos.

all in all a solid weekend with a solid crew!


Ellay Films

you guys!! i’m so incredibly excited to announce the OFFICIAL launch of my sister’s and my new film company, ELLAY FILMS! we have been working so hard on making our company come to life over the past year and could not be more thrilled that this day is finally here. film has been a part of our lives since our dad taught us how to work a camcorder when we were little so it’s a dream come true to be business partners pursuing our shared passion! i also had a blast doing our branding and designing our site and all of our marketing collateral (more on that coming soon!). check out our new site HERE, like our facebook page HERE, and follow us on instagram HERE!

*and a huge, huge thank you to my talented brother-in-law who developed our site!


Disneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland13Disneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdoresDisneyland | JayAdores

going to disneyland with a one year old is quite possibly the only thing that rivals the feeling you get on christmas morning as a child. we recently had a family outing to this magical theme park to take ryan for her first time! she won’t remember any of it, but we sure will. seeing her eyes light up everywhere we went (especially on the carousel!) was the most adorable thing to witness. by the way, disneyland is FUN. reis and i went totally expecting to have a blast hanging with my family and the little rybear, but little did we know we would have the time of our lives!! we haven’t been in several years and man, i love that place! we even stayed after my whole family left!

disneyland really is the happiest place on earth.



Ryan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdores

last thursday, my precious niece’s first birthday was featured on 100 layer cakelet! my talented and creative sister deserves all the credit for this adorable party and i just love everything she did. perfectly feminine and sweet. all of our big life events (weddings, parties, showers) turn into family affairs and that’s just the way we like it. my sister planned the whole thing and DIYed all of the decor including the triangle garland backdrop, the bunting, the gift bags, the cake topper, etc. i designed the invitations and envelope liners knowing the aesthetic and colors my sis wanted to use, hand lettering the “ryan nicole” and “one.” our mom made all of the balloon poms hanging from the patio and the giant balloon with fringe tassels. and our good-friend-practically-sister, diane, made that beautiful cake!

i cannot believe our sweet little ryan is already one! i love her more than words can say and have loved watching her grow and develop over the past year. i am so excited for the next phase of her talking and walking and becoming a little lady! she sure gets me excited to have one of our own someday.

happy 1st birthday, ryan! we love you a wholeee lot.



decks are really great.  decks are even greater when they allow you to have your family over for a fourth of july barbecue.  we are SO looking forward to hosting many dinner parties and get togethers on this here deck.  and who needs pictures of anything else when you have a mini sailor inside of your house, crawling anywhere her knees and hands will take her, and is just THE CUTEST THING EVER!?  we love getting to see our niece all the time now.  it’s kind of the best.  cheers to decks, family, and cute babes!

happy friday!

CINEMA | big sur road trip.

remember when we took a little road trip up to big sur back in december? well i finally had time to go through the footage from my camera and my brother’s gopro and edit a short little recap video. one thing is for sure:  if you go on a vacation with any member of my immediate family, it will not go undocumented! since we were kids, we’ve always loved taking photos and making videos; that’s why our cameras are attached to our hands. click HERE to watch our adventures!