at the beginning of this month, i hung out in palm springs for a few days for my second year at designer vaca! it was a really, really fun few days meeting new people and catching up with old friends. a major highlight was hearing the incredible jessica hische talk about her career – she was so open about everything and i was a total sponge hearing her speak. i made a little video to recap the trip! already looking forward to next year!


yesterday i shared my photo diary recap of designer vaca and today i’m sharing another recap…in video form! i didn’t really start filming until midway through the weekend (plus i felt i should get comfortable with people before i shoved my camera in their face), so it’s pretty short and sweet. enjoy!

CINEMA | big sur road trip.

remember when we took a little road trip up to big sur back in december? well i finally had time to go through the footage from my camera and my brother’s gopro and edit a short little recap video. one thing is for sure:  if you go on a vacation with any member of my immediate family, it will not go undocumented! since we were kids, we’ve always loved taking photos and making videos; that’s why our cameras are attached to our hands. click HERE to watch our adventures!

our wedding video.

our wedding day really was the best day of our lives — so cliché, but so true.  and we are so ecstatic that the entire day was captured on film by ryan mcduff of mcduff productions.  he is a truly amazing videographer and we highly recommend him!!  he made us feel really comfortable the entire day, is super professional (and not to mention extremely talented!!), and is just the nicest guy.  he was so kind to have edited our video in less than 2 weeks so we could show it at our hawaii reception!  we love everything about it.  and i have definitely watched it in the triple digits by now…i can’t help but re-live that day over and over again!

we hope you enjoy!