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back in january, i hosted a baby shower at our place for my sister’s second little lovebug. it rains approximately 5 days out of the year in los angeles and one of those days just so happened to land on the day of this outdoor affair. everything worked out in the end and the rain actually created the coziest ambience for the afternoon! i went with a french fête theme and used lots of linen and wood elements combined with greenery galore. we ordered sandwiches from le pain quotidien and made the rest, including these delicious french cheese balls (aka gougères) served hot out of the oven. highly recommend that recipe! each guest got a sea salt facial scrub at their place setting and after seeing this place pop up all over instagram, i was inspired to wrap the coffee cups in different french papers. any day surrounded by close family and friends (+ the tunes of francoise hardy) celebrating the newest addition to our family is a really good day in my book! kylee arrived on february 17 and i can’t get enough of those sweet cheeks!


DIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESi made these diy sea salt facial scrubs as favors for my sister’s baby shower and with valentine’s day right around the corner, i thought these would make a perfect last minute gift for your girlfriends! they are super easy to make and only require 2 ingredients: coconut oil (i used the jar from trader joe’s) and himalayan sea salt (from here). i ordered some hexagon glass jars, wooden spoons, and designed some round labels. all you do is melt the coconut oil over the stove for about 2 minutes and then mix it into a big bowl with the sea salt. you want the texture to be a bit gritty. i made the mistake of pouring the mixture while it was still warm into the jars and i don’t recommend that. it cools and hardens in there and then you have to re-melt it to get it out. let the mixture cool for a few hours while it’s still in the bowl and every half hour or so, comb through it with a fork so you get the texture as seen above. one 5 pound bag of the salt and one jar of the coconut oil yielded 25 4 oz jars. happy almost valentine’s day!



i had been wanting to print white on kraft for a while now and i used taylor’s baby shower as the perfect excuse to do so! i hand lettered “taylor + parker” and had the invitations screen printed by a local printer. i also created a simple envelope liner to add some pizazz and used tiny glassine bags to house the registry card. the more paper, the better! sorry trees. we packaged everything up with “snow” for an added effect (which i realize now might have looked semi questionable to our friends over at usps, whoops!). since there’s nothing i love more than cohesive design elements, i also had a stamp made using the hand lettered names to use on the treat bags. taylor also recycled the stamp post-shower and used an exacto knife to shave off the “cheers to” and “thanks for coming” to use as her signature on her thank you cards! it’s always neat when paper goods turn out how you envision and these were so much fun to create for such a special celebration!



per usual, i’m behind on posting and seeing that parker babe is almost here (could be any day! yip yip!), i figured now would be a good time to share photos from taylor’s baby shower. my sister and i had so much fun scheming up a winter-themed shower for our adorable sis-in-law and we are dying to meet the little peanut! we wanted the shower to have elements of wood, greenery, and lots of neutrals. since we didn’t have farm wood tables on hand, our dad made individual wooden placemats that really helped achieve the aesthetic we envisioned. i went to the flower mart the friday before and stocked up on a million bundles of eucalyptus to create overflowing table runners – and that they were! we even gave out multiple bunches of unused leftovers to friends and still ended up throwing a lot away! note to self: eucalyptus goes a long way. it made the room smell so dreamy, so it was win win situation. with lots of help from dear friends, we made a few yummy soups and salads for lunch and had a hot chocolate, coffee + sweets table for dessert. the shower turned out beautifully and most importantly, we got to celebrate our sweet little niece who is already loved by so many! can’t wait until she makes her arrival into the world – we’re all just waiting for the call!

taylor’s shower was featured on 100 layer cakelet last month – check out their post here!


Ryan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdoresRyan Nicole's First Birthday | JayAdores

last thursday, my precious niece’s first birthday was featured on 100 layer cakelet! my talented and creative sister deserves all the credit for this adorable party and i just love everything she did. perfectly feminine and sweet. all of our big life events (weddings, parties, showers) turn into family affairs and that’s just the way we like it. my sister planned the whole thing and DIYed all of the decor including the triangle garland backdrop, the bunting, the gift bags, the cake topper, etc. i designed the invitations and envelope liners knowing the aesthetic and colors my sis wanted to use, hand lettering the “ryan nicole” and “one.” our mom made all of the balloon poms hanging from the patio and the giant balloon with fringe tassels. and our good-friend-practically-sister, diane, made that beautiful cake!

i cannot believe our sweet little ryan is already one! i love her more than words can say and have loved watching her grow and develop over the past year. i am so excited for the next phase of her talking and walking and becoming a little lady! she sure gets me excited to have one of our own someday.

happy 1st birthday, ryan! we love you a wholeee lot.