About JayAdores Design Co.

Hi! I’m Jaymee and I run JayAdores, a graphic design studio currently based in Los Angeles. The blog first started in 2011 as a personal/design outlet while I spent most of my days inside of a cubicle preparing tax returns. In late 2012, I said goodbye to Corporate America and started designing full time. I absolutely love working with small businesses and building brands through logos and websites to reflect their unique identity. I also work closely with some amazing printers (digital, letterpress, and foil) and specialize in print work, designing everything from wedding invitations to business cards and other marketing collateral.


MarthaStewartWeddings.com | Oh So Beautiful Paper 1, 2, 3, 4 | 100 Layer Cake | 100 Layer Cakelet | Waterfall Creative | Ava Sky Hawaii | Buzzfeed #20

About Jaymee
  • Southern California native
  • Currently resides with her husband in Redondo Beach, California
  • Cold brew + Cappuccinos are her choice beverages
  • Co-owns a film company, Ellay Films, with her sister
  • Night owl
  • Loves a good spin class
  • Will forever have a girl crush on Mary-Kate + Ashley

Photo: Tara Michie/@ladyslider