BLOG_BOOKS2i have slowly been building my design library over the past few years and wanted to share some gems i’ve found along the way. so much inspiration!!

the monocle guide to good business

i was first lured in by its beautiful linen cover and gold foiled title but i promise the contents inside are just as good as the outside! this book features several companies and their inspiring stories on how they came to be and got to where they are.

knife + fork

if you’re a design loving foodie, this is the book for you. the pages are filled with unconventional visual identities for restaurants and the food + beverage industry. not only do these companies care about the quality of their products and what they serve, but they are also passionate about creating beautiful packaging, gorgeous menus, and designing their shops in innovative ways (cause i mean, your space definitely has to be ‘grammable these days).

start me up

this book was just released in march of this year and i’m obsessed! even my husband was buried in it one night and kept commenting on how cool it was. it showcases various brands from around the world ranging from florists to supermarkets to oak floor specialists who have recognized the need for strong communication of their vision through creative branding. i’ve never seen so many incredible products and companies in one place and the impeccable designs, collateral, and packaging inspiration make this book worth every penny!

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