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oh hi there again! it’s been quite some time and i have so many things i want to blog about. starting with this! today i’m sharing the branding + website i did for our film company, ellay films. it’s always fun designing for personal projects and having complete control over every element involved. after we established our mostly neutral aesthetic with this mood board, i hand lettered the logo and designed the site. then i created some branding pieces including a pricing sheet, business cards, notepads, thank you cards, and foiled coasters. we just can’t get enough paper. up next – a PDF brochure to send out to inquiring clients!

honestly, this whole project has been a dream – working with my sister, designing, filming, editing…so many things i love wrapped into one! it’s going to be a good year.

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  2. What would you charge for a set of 100 of those square biz cards? I’m a freelance makeup artist in the market for some business cards and I adore this design.

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