WORK IT OUT | zumba.


i’m going to start talking fitness here on the blog every now and again.  working out is something i love to do and makes me feel so good!

i’ve always been a huge fan of classes at the gym.  it’s funny because i’m kind of an extremist when it comes to working out – i either like to run solo or be surrounded by lots of people!  zumba has been one of my favorite classes for a few years and now that i make my own schedule, i can make it to a lot more classes during the weekdays.  if you like to dance, i suggest you check out a class near you because they are SO MUCH FUN!  especially if the teacher has a more hip-hop style…then it’s the best!  if you are a new zumba-er, i think this get-up would make for a good work out.

1 // be prepared to get sweaty and have your hair pulled back with some funky hair swag (like one of these glitter headbands).
2 // i definitely recommend a fitted tank because it’s easy to move in them and they are super comfy!  no cotton t-shirts/tanks – always go for the sweat wicking material!
3 // loose pants!  you want to be able to shake what yo’ mama gave ya and it’s a lot more fun in pants like these.
4 // a good pair of cross-trainers will do ya just fine.  bright ones will give you more flair.

my number one tip would  be to GET INTO IT (esp if they play THIS song) and HAVE FUN!! let loose and go crazy to the reggaeton beats and it’s a guaranteed good time.  i promise!

  1. I am going to become a more active commenter so when I get my blog you will comment on it. Can you come to NC so we can take a workout class together?

  2. Yay!! I love Zumba! I always wanted to blog about it! Good job jay! I hope you become a teacher and then I will have to fly to HI to take your class!

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